Unique Living Room Decor

Unique Living Room Decor

Beware of wall clutter here. You should be able to relax in your home without busy walls.

Keep foot traffic in mind when you rearrange furniture for aesthetic and safety reasons.

Try tacked down carpet runners on high traffic areas to protect flooring and catch dirt.

Have you ever gone to a party, and spent half the night on an uncomfortable sofa, battling sofa cushions? Some of the sofas featured in magazines, etc, are truly uncomfortable and pillow arrangements not conducive to comfort, so be sure to test out any sofa, plus cushions, before you buy (or throw a party).

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I was at a party one time, battling sofa cushions, trying to get comfortable, when someone brought me a glass of soda. A few minutes later, I could barely reach the wooden coffee table, and when I did, suddenly realized there were no coasters. Not wanting to make a spot on the wood, I held my drink all night. That was not fun. By the time I left, my back and my arm were sore!! So please, be a ‘guest’ in your own home, and test the facilities!

Try sectioning off a living room to create a home office or den area if you have no actual room for it elsewhere.

De-clutter for easy clean up before guests arrive for a party. Take odds and ends off tables and kitchen counters.

In a pinch, patio furniture can be used indoors, such as glass end tables or coffee type tables, even tree trunks with glass tops for tables.

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