Unique Living Room Decorating Ideas

Unique Living Room Decorating Ideas

Coloured Paints

For making coloured paints, the addition of a sufficient quantity of the required staining pigment or pigments will be required. The following table of approximate quantities may be useful:

The above quantities are only approximate owing to the variation in quality and staining power of the products of different manufacturers.


Colour Required. Mix these Colours together to obtain required Tint russian blue, raw umber and a small quantity of white lead and ochre . White lead and Venetian red . White lead, Prussian blue and a dash of lake . White lead, yellow ochre and a small quantity of burnt


THE real purposes of painting woodwork are, of course, two: to protect and to decorate. But whereas, in outside painting, the main purpose is protective, in inside work the decorative function often looms larger in proportionate importance. Indeed, many modes of treatment which are quite sufficiently durable to meet internal requirements would not stand up for long to the severe weather conditions outside.

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