Unique Living Room Designs

Every room in the home poses specific and decorating problems. How do you arrange a living room for maximum seating? How can you turn a small dining alcove into an enchanting and festive place to dine? How can a bedroom serve as a “round the clock” room? Our many, many room settings on living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms offer numerous ways of dealing with the particular needs of these rooms. You will also find chapters on kitchen and bathroom decoration and on special rooms such as family rooms, guest rooms and children’s rooms.

Apartment living poses its own set of challenges. New, high-rise apartments are architecturally sterile. Rooms are boxy, chopped up and awkwardly planned. Our chapter, “The Apartment Challenge”, will show you how professional designers solve the problem of living in a one-room apartment, of how a young couple handled their first apartment, of how an older couple decorated their new small apartment. Included here is a before and after success story how minor changes updated an obsolete, dreary apartment.

A complete house and how it was furnished demonstrates how comfortable, traditional furnishings can be given a contemporary look via modern materials, fabrics and background effects. See, too, how one basic decorating idea is carried through an entire home so that a sense of harmony prevails.

Outdoor living needs as much skillful planning as indoor decoration. The chapter on terraces and patios will show you many tiny, as well as spacious outdoor “living rooms”, designed to serve a host of outdoor living requirements with furnishings that will stand up to the elements.

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