Use of illumination For Home Design

Use of illumination For Home Design

Light your favorite things in a room rather than just the space. Don’t just use lighting to brighten up a room; use it to show off your personality. For example, if you have artwork or ornament that cries out for lighting, then this doesn’t have to be expensive, but can look very chic indeed. If you have a favorite set of glassware, having this on shelves which are illuminated lets the light reflect from the glass and can look very attractive indeed.

The lighting used on this picture is first rate, because what it does is help to show off the artwork and the home designer has added pottery to go with the color of the painting so that the overall look is very warm indeed. This small additional lamp isn’t expensive but it’s certainly worth thinking about if you want to show off items as a feature in a room. Image from Flicker by Lightning and Fixtures

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