Variations on a theme Bali home design

Situated in the middle of rice paddies in the Kerobokan district, this project comprises three villas. Abiding by the philosophy of organic architecture, where designs are developed out of their natural surroundings, the houses showcase the spare yet dynamic spaciousness of modernist architecture. Commissioned by Mrs Sin Sin, an entrepreneur from Hong Kong, the project involved the challenge of personalizing each of the three villas while maintaining the main theme of strong and bold structural lines and planes, which is found especially in the roofs. The GM architects achieved this goal through the diversification of geometric forms, simple planes, and articulated structures that combine free-standing walls, solid, detached volumes and different levels in the flooring.

Smooth transitions between the indoors and outdoors characterize this dining area. (See page 192 for credit details.)

The signature of the architects-the fluidity of transition between different environments-is underscored by the use of various natural building materials and by the juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal planes. In the former, wooden shingles from Borneo are used for the roofs, and local teak and bengkerai are employed for the structures and interiors, while a combination of soft and hard stones is used in the walls and flooring. In the latter, an interesting composition of solids and voids is created such that a sense of unrestricted movement is achieved between the dynamic living spaces. Enhancing the feel of the continuity between inside and out is the seemingly random effect produced in the meticulously planned landscaping: paths and lawns merge, emphasizing the partnership between man and nature.

Palimanan stone paths lead to the entrance of the living quarters, on the right, and private quarters, on the left. The wooden shingles of the bold geometric roofs are an all-embracing shelter and ease the indoor-outdoor transition. In the foreground, an ethnic stone statue welcomes guests.

The swimming pools are a main feature of this compound. In the villa on left, the water comes right to the edge of the dining area, which is also highlighted by the striking geometric plane of the roofs that frame the house (see page 39 for a view of the interior). The view above is of another villa, and here the swimming pool laps at the sides of the living area.

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