Very Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

Very Simple Kitchen Design Ideas
Los Angeles typically home to all things beautiful that’s why this dilapidated la kitchen is on the chopping block it’s a surprise from one best friend to another but with only five days are you understand with them. And unexpected hurdles around every corner. So that’s going to affect all our closets it’s an almost impossible challenge you’re freaking me off you were supposed to be here but with renowned chef Eric Greenspan knowledge of gourmet kitchens cooking. And my design expertise love this, we’re going to do just about anything yeah got to fix this kitchen, I love it, we’re stopping traffic in LA, we’re in Los Angeles, we’re about to install a brand-new kitchen in Janelle Smith’s house now Janelle is a mother of three she loves to cook. And she’s been doing it in a really bad really ugly kitchen Janelle will be here probably about six hours later this afternoon. So we gotta get that whole kitchen moved mo our homeowner Janelle is out of the house her husband has taken her away for the weekend but within a matter of a couple hours she’s gonna be walking through that door to a demolished kitchen courtesy of her friend Julie who is nominated her for a brand new one. And Julie’s gonna be helping us out with the renovation chef Eric Greenspan is gonna be helping us out.

I’m helping out. And we’ve got of course the entire construction crew here Janelle. And I have been best friends for years, I nominated her. Because there is no one more deserving in leading of a kitchen Janelle is like a mom’s mom she wants her children here she’s kind of locked in her kitchen she would love to have her family we took everything that you were telling us about Janelle into this kitchen everything’s gotta change mm-hmm, I mean everything’s falling out of everywhere this doesn’t work right does not work at all chef Herrick if you’re to bring this back down you’ll notice guys, we’re having some storage issues, I don’t know no seriously all the knives no bicycle as a chef who shares that kind of passion this bus when Eric. And I were both at IKEA we spent hours would go up this really figuring out how this space can be more functional for Janelle. And now she has all this prep space yeah, I love the stove at the very end focal point when you walk in right we got a team of contractors ready to bang away at this thing. So we got to clear out. So we can bring her in. And take her down this is all the most fun I’ve ever had, I mean, I know one of the gun for the other day are we fulfilling somebody’s dreams yeah but we have the great stuff Wow Eric you.

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And I know what’s going on you don’t know what’s happening right okay. So let me let me break this down for you really easily but we are putting the sink along this back wall where the range used to be all new counter space dishwasher. And then a refrigerator at the end of that bank of cabinets in this back wall, we’re going to do the slide in range with a microwave. And vent hood above it, we’re replacing the door with the new window. And she’ll have more counter space underneath the window. And then at the end of that floor-to-ceiling pull out pantry uhmm. I’m just taking it all in right now, I know, we’re minutes away from Janelle getting here actually well this is definitely dreams coming true. And I’m. So happy to be a part of that are we okay, I got a goat or Oh Oh well holler would you pull the block are you. So excited for you everybody well this is one right now extending next to my kitchen over Jules oh my god, I couldn’t ask for a better friend she’s the one who said that, I needed it can you teach me now loud you know most people wouldn’t they just talked about counter.

So we knew that we had to keep a little something to remind you of the old kitchen but it’s only stained yeah for chef, I was never out everybody never thought that you’d be doing this did ya know well one is today today one more thing one more thing, I might have gotten a little overzealous. But I need you to repass block party this Friday Janelle’s cooking this Friday this is an imitation for the bees in the neighborhood. I’m going with in this kitchen yes three four days left, we’re gonna be here working all night all day. Because not only we have to get it done for her we have to get it done for this block party that’s gonna happen all of these four days well coming up right now, we’re all on pins. And needles. Because the inspectors supposed to come today very far as a gift yes we can’t afford to not pass inspection through digital you surprising you how it goes it oh my god wow you guys did a lot of work within. And we run into a small problem why the door that, we’re moving needs to be a inches you mean. Because we have to keep this post right. Because this is the support for this beam that pushes everything this way it does yesterday when you’re open up these walls we’ll discover this post. And the support beam that we had to leave in place. So that’s gonna affect all our cabinets. And the window that’s going right here yeah we’ll all right that meant that we had to push the door further into the kitchen. And now we have to get an even bigger door which means our cabinet sizes are sacrifice all right. So we either sacrifice pantry or we sacrifice counter space, I don’t know, I got to think about that one oh yeah if, I change the base cabinet then we definitely have to get a new window. So we’ll keep the same window we kept the same window.

And then I’ll just get a inch pantry. So, I have to go get another cabinet it’s fine it’s just like it’s just another little piece of like pop okay more time on our end all right. I’ll get right on ordering that cabinet okay thanks Tony thank you Julie come here backside one of the things that we were really concerned about is space yes this unit is perfect for it plus this bad boy four burners just like what she had far easier surface to clean right if you look over here at the knobs it’s got far more adjustable settings. So she’s got a lot more heat control than she had on the only one to digital, I know this is sauce work fancy yeah clock works, I mean timings everything when it comes to cook it this bad boys gonna save her a lot of time. And a lot less frustration are you almost done with that were day three we’ve got two days left right now, we’re all on pins. And needles. Because the inspectors supposed to come today. And it’s just if we don’t pass inspection we got to schedule another meeting. And we don’t have the time for that it’s a kind of a quick turnaround we’ve been here only hours. And we have hours left the fat guy the fastest kitchen remodel in town the kitchen requires two small appliance circuits on the counters she’s walking through he’s looking at stuff seeing that you move the gas line that requires a gas is a knob Dervis the restaurant business these things these inspections can take weeks this is really be kind of painful project the lights here are required to be too interesting other than that pretty good job well the good news is that we pass inspection okay but now we have a lot of things to accomplish. So we need to really I’m. So glad that we were able to save this window well we had to move the door over.

Because, I mean look you’ve got to have good ventilation in the kitchen it’s if it’s if it’s if it’s too hot or too smoky you can’t get anything done you are speaking to the choir. Because one holiday we came here. And we literally pulled up to a fire truck. Because fire televizier who’s in the open to life Sarge there’s no ventilation. And another key key point for her was lighting oh yeah, I mean that make sense, I mean. Because that room was. So small. So compact she probably couldn’t see anybody was probably I’d be like you said it felt like a dungeon. So, I got a badge now it’s gonna like vacation we should see that air should have a breeze coming through the kitchen the neighbors gonna be stoked cereal to smell the pies we got function. And friendship. So win-win we had it anyway all right hey darlin this is it, I got a surprises for you all right. So, I want you to open up the IKEA door style first oh yes, I am, I am. So excited about this cuz she loves that richness there’s cat oh yes this awesome gorgeous this countertop has recycled glass windows. And windshields. And I think that is going to blow Janelle right now this is the backs Oh yes oh my gosh she got her little clear. So this is the perfect mixture of like a natural organic element. And then the modern glass oh right.

I’m ready to eat already right now we need to finish the kitchen purse all right cool Wow the driver looks awesome holy God all right, we’re getting there yes this is day three right we only have tomorrow. And then as, I say. So we need to get these cabinets. And sir you are you working on the floor we got two days left until Janelle walks through that door to find your dream kitchen well we just need to the tile and, we’re gonna start painting this city. And all the expectations of people coming. And having this great party when it was just me poor we really have to bust our butts to get this done we only have hours to go and, we’re feeling the pressure coming up this is the moment of truth. I’ll let you guys finish up this you’re freaking me out we would be were supposed to be here at you just sabotage you let’s do this t-minus one morning good morning how goes it yeah hopefully you can help us. And we get all the cabinets in absolutely.

I would, I wasn’t counting back home he’s coming later today we get them in we need to get our base cabinets in before they can template what a coal Julie Tony the whole crew are banging out that kitchen, I really get it set up all right this screws here, I tried going to people get a little bit worried we have to get awesome Tina bees in all just the base class, I still find it. And I think we need to do something filter out fire looks bad, I need you to come towards the door a little pleasure your cheese little oven-dried Tomatoes the cheese should be melted inside, I figured, I couldn’t be much help with the tape measure but the hammers. And stuff not with my strengths. So, I went to my strengths that, I made some grilled cheese sandwiches for you like it looked amazing they’re gonna eat it up now he just sabotaged our work was it where’s his kitchen. So, I called you Nell. And I said you got to get over here with the kids how are you. Because Nicola has this fantastic idea for the kids okay let’s go when, I tell you she is like cringing right now. Because she really wants to take a peek inside is there anything that you can tell me but she’s gonna have to wait okay morning, we’re going back in got a lot of work to do okay, we’re gonna go in. I’m gonna put you to work wow you guys ready for an art project ya know maybe said you see something familiar on this table oh, I do right mom’s old tile in the kitchen yeah Nicole has this great idea.

And I can’t wait to see it we incorporate it into the kitchen. So these are purple tiles right yes there were ugly and, we’re gonna make hello beautiful with your art awesome job Noah you’re welcome oh yeah, I like that one, I like that that’s closed up today anyway god man how you doing look is this looking like a kitchen doing the countertops out now did you get a chance to template those do they know we went with dimensions on this. So, we’re crossing our fingers that. So they just slide in did it. And hoping we work really hard last night to make sure that we were ready for the counters. And still not here he’s supposed to be here. I’m very concerned is a big piece of the puzzle let me let me call her where are you we need the countertop it’s called me they said there will be here first thing this morning. And still no common substance you’re freaking me out we were supposed to be here at : it’s late this is the moment perfect. So far. So good. I’ll let you guys finish up this finish up the countertops, I know you have a lot to take care of, we’re gonna go to idea to get some last-minute things like love this right for the dining room table if we did this, I think they have one in black. So we’ll see if it’s in stock what you admit should also list the cooking’s on the stovetop. And then finish them in the oven they hold your place yeah especially for her Thanks, we’re done hey well Jenelle just called me come on down she’s on her way over.

So this is about to happen. I’m kind of freaking out. Because this kitchen is beautiful it is dynamite she is now going to be. So inspired to cook for her family they could be in there the neighborhood with friends it’s the perfect addition to her now perfectly complete life oh my goodness. So so much thank you. So much oh my gosh of it Hey look at the cavity right where your rocket we have my sprayer. So before you remember you had your soffit where the ceiling was pleased to treat exactly these go all the way to your ceiling these are inches tall lots of storage good kitchen before was disaster a cramped terrible disaster now but it’s fit for a chef white countertops non-porous surface perfect for clean Wow amazing Susan oh. And it pulls out check out this pantry another thing, I really want you to take in is how we opened up that wall it’s going on right now you have that beautiful dining room table yeah perfect for your kids to be here your to teach them. And inspire them how to coaxial right yes swing this family is going to eat what Oh dial the kitchen. And nasty yellow you look down look at the fact that you guys opened up the small. And joined it in place where, I hang out the boats now my kids can hang out with me while they’re doing their thing and. I’ll have to yell, I can just turn around. And say whatever you outdid yourselves you guys did an amazing job all right we got a lock bar controller. So let’s stop talking about it let’s start beating about it the things yes in your kitchen or girls about to be put in motion waiters in their salad here’s the good friends good food great you.

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