Vintage Garage Decorating Ideas

Vintage Garage Decorating Ideas

The Natural Way.

Sisal, a natural fiber, is another alternative to expensive floor covering. Decorators use this as a good solution when they want a practical, natural background. You can get sisal in colors as well. It is sold in room sizes or by the yard for wall-to-wall installation. Check out catalogs from Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel for these items at the lowest possible prices.

Instant Window Solution.

Plain white-paneled drapes are the best buys for a no-frills window treatment.

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However, if this seems boring, it’s easy to customize them to go with your decorating scheme. Trim the edge with decorative braid or a strip of fabric to match the rest of the room. Make tie-backs from silk braid with tassel ends and you’ll have a sensational look that doesn’t cost a king’s ransom.

Coffee Table Alternative.

A friend of mine who travels a lot always brings her treasures home in wicker trunks purchased along the way. Once home she uses the trunks as end tables, a coffee table, at the end of a bed, wherever she needs a surface and storage. Have a piece of glass cut at a hardware store to fit the top of the trunk and you have an inexpensive table. Trunks are available at novelty stores and places like Pier 1 Imports. For added interest, spray-paint a natural-colored trunk in a bright color.

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