Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas

Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas
Just outside of Sacramento is the charming town of Folsom California with its quake downtown historic buildings. And the infamous Folsom Prison but nothing is more criminal than Shannon Southard tiny sell of a kitchen it’s a looking to break her out her husband Scott she sprung a leak up who is surprising his wife. And daughter her dream with a complete kitchen makeover. And with only five days to get it done yeah party in a few days it’s going to take my eye for design that is cool the guidance of celebrated chef Eric Greenspan super easy asleep. And a whole lot of luck. I’m not gonna be able to complete it in the five days Oh to fix this kitchen today’s a big day Shannon. And Berkeley are out of town they have no idea they’re about to put the kitchen of their dreams how you doing good Shannon feathers loves to cook especially with her daughter Berkeley that’s why Scott has nominated them both for a complete kitchen makeover Shannon. And Berkeley won’t be home for a couple more hours. So we have some time package oh, I still see items on countertops. I’m working on it actually working Lee wants to cook together they love to hang out in the kitchen girls have been.

So surprised when they come home. And we’d just be. So nice for them to have a space where they can work together without being under each other’s feet all the time in addition to being a very small workspace it’s ugly. And let’s start from the ground up okay this floor even when it’s clean it looks dirty we had a rug that was hiding this ugly patch there that I’ve been torn up but once you start coming up you know the appliances are not hideous but you know they could use work countertops are bad of course behind the sink here we have some water damage from years of leaky faucets. So yeah but on the counter is a little spongy back there, I fear that Molly will plunge through the counter into the cabinet below well we have to give Molly a more sturdy place to reside it yeah, I think Molly needs a whole new kitchen one thing, I want to commend Shannon on is her use of color a lot of people are afraid of color. And even though, I don’t necessarily think, I would choose orange for a kitchen, I like her bold taste, I mean we spent a lot of time in Ikea trying to make it fun. And now that is a cool wall color. And also create a space that’s very functional for the two of them to work in at the same time. So much room, I know huge yeah we got a team of contractors outside ready to take sledgehammers to this place well I’ve only got one request. And that is we try to salvage these cabinets. And not destroy them. And donate them to a local community organization where they could be reused again sure, I don’t get to break anything with my sledgehammer but you know what it’s for the better good, we’re paying it forward, I just got to collect my thoughts a little bit maybe me. And Molly will talk it out what you guys pack up back turn Molly. And a little worrying that the chef has my fish first you got to loosen this bad boy a paw, we’re unscrewing, I think it’s always best for you sir to strike the first that was one hit wonder who that teamwork.

I’m So glad that Scott is adamant about saving. And donating all of his cab expenses. Because we haven’t are an actually okay condition just not good for them are we ready to it Shannon to Berkeley are on their way don’t have a lot of time we’ll do legal we have a lots of demos you guys got started without us huh we got a tiptoe around the Capitol to make sure they’re safe the government’s fighting to stay alive ah she sprung a leak obviously you’ve seen how expansive this kitchen now is we’ve taken out that wall. So on the back wall, we’re going to build in a new bank net with full pantries to a Wow this door which was to your backyard, we’re actually relocating to your dining room this wall being closed up to the opportunity to run counter space from there all the way across here no ones have to work on top of each other anymore there’s room to put things the wall where the oven used to be we will now have just an oven a microwave a pantry. And then the refrigerator. And at the end of the room this is where you’re hooked up beautiful ventilation. So it’s gonna be this is gonna be the main focal point of the kitchen well Shannon’s gonna be home any minute. And pretty excited. And maybe a little nervous the door is locked come on the one in red one in Berkeley oh my goodness you are getting a kitchen makeover by IKEA got knows how much Murphy. And I love to come together, I have the space that we need I’m. So excited. So that’s my did.

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I am pretty surprised my dad is really cool right now really cool yeah a party in a few days this is great but the party in a few days at the end of the week we have the small party that’s been in the works for a long time this kitchen will be done in five days okay we’ll be tackling it while you get to just rest in the hotel nothing to worry about it. And then you come back by days. And it’s done you’re Kim, I know that Shannon is gonna be a little nervous about is it gonna be ready by the end of the week there’s nothing more important than for us for you to kind of bury your old kitchen bring in your new kitchen come with me this thing. And you’re gonna help us gobbles, I got these for you already. I’m gonna back up okay coming up nothing is looking pretty good you’re gonna need some more nail plates. So. I’m not gonna be able to complete it in the five days. I’m at the mercy of the state here what do you want to do Oh dot off the Gorn engine, I can’t believe what they did overnight it’s only day two. And it made. So much progress everything’s roughed in all of the electricals yeah, we’re ready for the inspection, we’re waiting for the city inspector amazing. And you move my door we moved your dorm relocated it’s it’s amazing they’re gonna totally make their inspection today.

And I hope that they’re gonna be on target for Friday. So that, we’re ready in time for Shannon’s party yeah a little birthday gathering what time should, I be here you’re welcome to come. And I might still be here we’ll get ourselves a good day coming daybig day Scott Shannon burfi their kids are showing up in the truck gotta be a good day we can stay on track like this. I’m excited stop you’re one step closer to a new kitchen my brother awesome here’s our Penman ice inspectors on his way but not really worried about that some rails fix feet once you pass inspection, we’re gonna do is lift drywall hang up the cabinets late other floors kind of ahead of schedule Chuck how you doing are you good good to see you. So, we’re ready for inspection if you want to take a look in dude we want to cover this place up with drywall everything’s looking pretty good you’re gonna need some more nail plates. So so that as, we’re putting the drywall on we don’t hit any wires or clear okay all right now here actually we can attain here that then there’s a sill plates here need to be sealed up where we have all these holes. So, I need to fix these things before we can put the drywall on the walls when can, I get you come back to look at that. So that we can move forward just get it done. And we’ll be back to her okay chef Nicole you guys have a second to come in here we have a little problem oh great, I love hearing that way he’s not allowing us to cover up the walls with drywall until we mix a few Corrections. And the problem is that. I’m gonna need another day, I might just be able to complete it in the five days. So in my head. I’m thinking there is no way that we can wait a day Shannon’s got the party that she’s hosting why do you need an extra day the dry cons of paint.

And texture drywall mud all those things that, I can’t control, I can’t speed up that process that’s good. I’m at the mercy of the state here what do you want to do you have to have this inspection pass today. And what can we do right now to make that happen we have mail plates I’ve strapped filling in those holes what else do we have to do oh that’s about it why can’t we do that today. And then drywall they haven’t come in this afternoon we can’t get Chuck back Chuck please. I’m trying to solve problems here no is it is it absolutely no okay till my day is. And if you can get it done. And give me a call. I’ll see if, I can smoke back fine it takes a lot of people to make a pension happen, I think a lot of people including an inspector Thank You Chuck much appreciated touch the top of times it’s know me. So you can already see the Scott this is the beach finish it’s a really beautiful just neutral color to go with. I’m gonna have you hold that your countertop wow that is cool isn’t that great yeah it’s really cool good thing about this too is it’s not for us. So yeah that it expels, I like that up the wife way you’re good this is your box boss. Because, I got amazing what’s it made out of it this is all recycled glass Oh Shannon’s gonna love that it’s recycling. And the best thing about this it is. So easy to clean let’s go throw it in back. So can we put insulation in starbug Java like, we’re good to go, I look over at Scott. And he loves the cabinet he loves the layout it couldn’t have been a better beginning to our daydream you know, I have a question. And then all of a sudden, I look up the register for the air conditioning he is that have enough clearance for the cabinet that’s gonna go right underneath it well the cabinet that’s gonna go right underneath it is gonna be very similar to this right. So it will be tight. Because, we’re still putting a detail piece on top we are yes unaware of his detail piece he doesn’t want to hear that.

I don’t want something to be redone but it has to be uh yeah you know we were up all night but we can take care of left okay, I couldn’t fix it today we will fix it by the end of the day, I feel bad cuz Eric’s been up all night but it has to be done, I mean there’s there’s no way around what can we do to help you, we’re gonna start putting these doors up. So if you guys want to give me a hand putting up the glass doors great we could do that you’ve already got hinges on yours this you see how it’s a circle that fits right in the FC. And now you just push that down it’s a compression fitting switch. And that’s it. So this is a soft close damper. And this piece actually just goes right on this perfect that’s it now. I’m the even easier part awesome easy right. And then watch it’s quiet right no noise the rain is really coming down now. And we’re. So grateful to have this new kitchen going in but at the same time a little distressed about the stuff that, we’re going to donate is now sitting in the rain okay there is actually a hole in it we have covered them up but it’s coming down for the good now, I just hope that they can get here soon. And take these cabinets away before they get wet. And soggy coming up Scott says to me you’re not gonna like the paint color, I wonder if we could lighten it up a little bit Rob we could paint it tonight you where’s that blue tape cataract which means a lot to Scot, I got to tell you it’s super nerve-wracking. Because, I got a giant storm cloud over there. And a giant storm out over there a sun’s out. And it’s raining all the work that we put in to salvage this stuff, I would hate for a little rain to dampen the spirits. I’m glad you guys are here it looks like this guy is gonna open up again at any minute come on in. So carpet proves true again, I hope that you guys can make good use of this. Because we got a little break in the weather. And they just showed up pick up the cabinet’s bye old kitchen beautiful new door that’s in Wow register honey looks great, I love the appliances well. I’m seeing a few things that still need to get done countertops backsplash me get back done. And paint okay, I want to see this place painted ASAP we are one more day to go. So Scott this is your exhausting we wanted to show you where, we’re gonna set place oh just like that floating see beautiful thing about this you got these removable grease plates right here.

So it’s super easy to clean you never have grease splattering all over this beautiful backsplash well. I’m looking around at all of the work that’s been done here, I just like amazed at everything that’s happened. So far but this blue color. I’m a little concerned that for Shannon it might be too dark Scott says to me she’s not gonna like the paint color, I wondered if we could lighten it up a little bit just add it on the list that’s fine Rob we could paint it tonight. And I guess guys, we’re gonna be paying for the rest of the night good morning guys amazing ah amazing yeah this look at the color Berkeley. And she had always said they wanted color mm-hmm they got color they got color yeah all right. So Scott’s running late. So. I’m thinking you go to Ikea. And we take Shannon. And Berkeley with us yeah perfect guys go together. I’m gonna take Berkeley and, we’re gonna meet up in a little bit what are the kind of things that you guys like to cook, I like to bake, I don’t make bread like to make zucchini bread, I love using these things they’re nonstick to the pop right out of it hey crab please perfect you’d mentioned me they deliberately cook pasta at home. And this is absolutely perfect for that. Because when the pastas ready you pick it up, I love that it’s strange no burns no nothing these are our chairs right here okay and. I’m gonna have you pick out which color you’d like for the kitchen, I really like the purple Oh Purple’s good they’re gonna be here any minute. And the anticipation is killing me we’ve taken a lot of risks with this kitchen for sure get a paint color change last minute. But I don’t know, I have no, I know. I’m not nervous at all. Because, I know it’s gonna be real, I know it’s gonna be right. I’m just. So excited Oh. So now that we opened up this wall really expand in the space we have your dining area here now. And the purple chair back here at the center of vibrancy backsplash this is all recycled glass you know it’s important to me a working. So glass is two designs one thing from my perspective the flow this kitchen for as narrow as it is pretty darn good what’s great about this kitchen is that it feels ten times larger you’ve got twenty times much counter take but you can still reach the sink the oven. And the stove without moving, I am extremely excited to start cooking in this kitchen this is your new oven. Because. And it’s way more functional than the one we had, I got all this cabinet space. And I love the color of the cabinet. So much assist you do it cool it, I love that you can slam the drawers. And I just think that it is way more fabulous than it was before what do you think of the paint color, I love are you worried that, I win it goes with the house. And it goes with everything is bright like a knife. And it matches the tile yeah it’s great. And balling is. So happy in your new home now lucky for Molly you don’t like seafood yeah but we do have a party. So what do you say we fire up these bad boys guys help me out. And get ready for the party, I have. And rage now, we’re together on your expensive countertop good friends good food bitches Oh.

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