Vintage victorian decorating

So, what in the opinion of one of today’s most successful designers helps you to make it to the top? Credibility, says Gill, “and that comes from creating designs which are commercially viable and sell, and to do that you need to keep your feet very firmly on the ground. And, that’s where the other two homes come in ” to escape from her hectic lifestyle you’re likely to find Giilian in Cornwall ” she’s got two houses there, just along the road from each other She says they grew out of the little fisherman’s cottage but couldn’t bear to part with it, so they just bought a larger one along the road, that’s big enough for the four of them and the dog. Gill says, One thing this constant home improvement does do is keep me very aware of what’s available within the home furnishings market, Sounds like a great way of mixing business with pleasure! Vintage victorian decorating The London home she left behind when she relocated is another of the four she can’t bear to let go. Although she misses London, she says, I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to work within such a progressive company which is prepared to invest in the design process.

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