Vintage Yard Decorating

Vintage Yard Decorating

Cutting Up

In cutting up the rolls into the note how the pasted and folded paper is propriate lengths, HUNG FROM THE CENTRE 0VER THE LEFT F0REARM‘ two allowances must be made: one for trimming top and bottom (2 or 3 inches in each case) and the other for matching the pattern.

Patterns are of two kinds: “set” and “drop”. “Set” patterns are those which match horizontally. “ Drop ” patterns match at different points on the two edges of the paper. Care must be taken to distinguish between the two types in cutting up the paper. When the pattern is of the “drop” kind, waste can sometimes be avoided by cutting alternate lengths from different rolls.

A number of lengths having been cut, they are placed in a pile, pattern side down on the table.

Vintage Yard Decorating_1.jpgVintage Yard Decorating_2.jpgVintage Yard Decorating_4.jpgVintage Yard Decorating_3.jpgVintage Yard Decorating_5.jpgVintage Yard Decorating_10.jpgVintage Yard Decorating_15.jpgVintage Yard Decorating_14.jpgVintage Yard Decorating_16.jpgVintage Yard Decorating_17.jpg

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