Christina will give a room a new coat of paint as easily as she’ll swap the pictures around and warmth and filling every room with treasured possessions. Changing the house with the seasons and for parties has become part of Christina’s routine. She is one of those people who hangs different curtains according to the weather, and who will give a room a new coat of paint as easily as she’ll swap the pictures around. Nothing is set in stone, however, and she rarely spends a lot of money on anything unless she knows she will like it for years. She puts bold floral fabrics next to subtly flowered patterns, antique patchwork and lace next to checks. She loved checked fabric long before the rest of the world discovered it, and made curtains out of dressmaking gingham when she couldn’t find any for furnishing. Christina’s sisters and their young children gather together for the Easter weekend and go through various rituals, DINING ROOM KITCHEN IDEAS such as painting eggs and making iced gingerbread figures to hang on trees. Outside, they hunt for primroses and the adults hide chocolate eggs for the little ones to find. Christina has vivid memories of Easter as a child. When she was young, an American lady who lived next door would organise treasure hunts with hard-boiled eggs. The hunt was fun, Christina says, but I was heartbroken that they weren’t chocolate! She still gets very excited by Easter, filling the house with daffodils and narcissi, tying ribbons around the front door and making a wreath to hang there to welcome guests. She also puts dozens of hens’, ducks’ and quails’ eggs in baskets and arranges a feast of chocolate for the children. It’s a real family affair. To commission Christina Strutt, please telephone (01225) 859151.



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