Wall Design Ideas With Paint

Wall Design Ideas With Paint
Using patterned rollers
Patterned rollers have been used to decorate walls for several centuries. They are enjoying a popular revival today because they are easy to use and create interesting effects cheaply either with colour or with textured paint. You can make your own, or specialist suppliers stock rollers and rockers for more difficult effects from wood graining to damask.
Using textured paint
Apart from the practical aspects of textured paint, and it is very useful for covering less than perfect surfaces, its aesthetic potential is much under-rated. You can buy a range of patterned roller sleeves specifically for textured paint and with a little time, effort and imagination, it is possible to achieve sophisticated, sculpted effects for relatively little.
Few paint effects are simpler to achieve or more dramatic in appearance than stripes. In this country-style bedroom, all four walls have been painted with wide stripes. Marked out using masking tape and a plumb line and then roughly painted in deep red, they are bold and yet far from brash, producing an all-American look.
3 If you are worried about creating precise edges, use masking tape to mark off the lines.
4 To create narrow stripes, divide the roller in two with an elastic band.
5 To create checks, use the roller to go across the vertica lines in a horizontal band.

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