Wallpaper Bathroom Walls Ideas

Wallpaper Bathroom Walls Ideas
External corners
Smooth the paper up to the edge using the paper-hanging brush and ease it around the corner, this time without brushing it firmly into place. In this instance, you
Internal corners
1 Measure from the edge of the last full width of wallpaper to the comer at the top, midway and bottom.
2 Add 2.5cm (Iin) to the widest measurement for the overlap and cut out. Paste and smooth around the corner.
3 Use a plumb line to establish a vertical on the new wall at the width of the offcut.
4 Hang the offcut, taking care to position the edge very close to the corner and to match the patterns.
External corners
1 Use a spirit level or plumb line to establish a vertical 2.5cm (lin) from the corner. Mark the line with a penc
2 Cut along the pencil line with a craft knife, using a straight edge as a guide.
3 Run the seam roller along the edge leading to the comer to fix the paper in place.
4 Finally, hang the offcut, positioning its edge dose rc v corner and lining up the pattern if necessary.

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