Wallpaper Ideas For Walls

Wallpaper Ideas For Walls
Hanging the paper
Hang a length of wallpaper from the top of the wall, brushing it into place and then trimming it to match exactly the join where the wall and ceiling meet. Only after finishing the top do you work your way down to the bottom, brushing that into place and trimming it to fit in the same way.
Leaving a 5cm (2in) overlap to run up onto the ceiling, unfold the top half of the first fold of your concertina and offer up the paper against the top of the wall. Ensure that the side of the paper is vertical, running exactly down the line of the plumb line. Do not forget to check that you have an overlap.
Smooth with a brush, working from the middle of the paper outwards, brushing firmly into the junction between wall and ceiling. Run the rounded edge of the wallpaper scissors along the crease to make a distinct mark.
Peel the paper away at the top far enou to reveal the crease you have just made a cut neatly along the line of the crease w your scissors. Smooth the paper back or the wall with the paper-hanging brush: should fit the wall neatly now. Wipe off a excess paste, and discard any offcuts too sir to use elsewhere, throwing them in the t to keep wayward paste to a minimum.
Undo the folds one by one as you wc gradually downwards, and continue to bn the paper from the centre outwards, be: careful not to let the hanging paper crease a crease does appear, however, and if the pa is still wet, gently pull the paper away frc the wall at the point where the crease 1 occurred and carefully reposition it. On t other hand, if it is dry, cut open the ere. with a sharp craft knife, and proceed as y would to repair a bubble ( 84-8:
Do not stick the bottom in place y Unfold the last piece at the bottom a: repeat the creasing process for the top of t wall to trim the bottom edge. Wipe away a excess paste with a sponge before it dri Continue to hang lengths of paper along t wall until you reach the corner. Press do\

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