Ways to decorate a bedroom

All about layout…

With a little creative space planning, you can ensure that your new bathroom offers all the functionality and aesthetic appeal that you have always dreamt of. A functional floor plan is essential to any successful remodel, so that you can cram as many luxuries and components into what is normally a fairly tight space.

Let the layout follow the function

Unlike a kitchen, where there are tried-and-tested layout formulas, there are none for bathroom layout planning. Having said that however, there are different types of bathrooms that cater for different functions, which helps outline the best layout. Deciding how the bathroom space will be used will have a large impact on the layout of the room. Bathroom spaces can be broken down into three main types, namely:

En-suite bathrooms: These bathrooms are one of the most value-adding additions in any home. They lead directly off the main bedroom, but their layout can vary significantly, depending on the space in question. They can be entirely open-plan with the bedroom, walled off from the bedroom as a completely separate space, or partly separated from the main bedroom via either a partition or a bank of walkthrough closets. They are usually larger than the other bathrooms in the home, and are usually packed with all the luxuries you can fit into the space. It is important that the layout must accommodate more than one person using the room at one time.

The second bathroom: This bathroom is usually used by the children living within the home, or by any visiting guests. They aren’t as big as the main en-suite bathroom, and they need to be more practical when it comes to layout and the choice of fittings and fixtures. The layout should be as uncomplicated as possible, and able to accommodate safe use by people of all ages from very young to very old. The second bathroom can follow a number of different layouts, including bathrooms that have the toilet located in a separate adjacent room, wet rooms, shower rooms and standard bathroom layouts.

The guest loo: These rooms are designed to accommodate guests when they visit. It is therefore usually located near to the living areas or the entrance of the home. It is usually a very compact space that only accommodates a toilet and a hand basin, and the layout will only need to cater for single-person use.

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