When It Comes To Lighting Up Your Home, The Darker Days Can Be An Inspiration

Autumn is here, and with it comes the chance to update your lighting scheme. Lights can be used to create whatever mood and atmosphere you can imagine, so if you’re dreading the darker days ahead, why not think of them as a blank canvas instead?

When It Comes To Lighting Up Your Home, The Darker Days Can Be An Inspiration Photo Gallery


With all the different lights on the market, there is no reason why you can’t achieve the exact look you want for a room, but sometimes the choice can be a bit overwhelming. If you find yourself looking through hundreds of lighting options and getting nowhere, the best solution is often to start a little closer to home. Consider the room you want to illuminate; think about its size, shape, style and the amount of light that can enter the room naturally. Is it a large, airy room with good-sized windows? Is there very little natural light, or awkwardly-shaped recesses that tend to become shrouded in shadows?

View the latest range of retro industrial light switches at Sockets & Switches, available in solid copper, solid brass or aluminium. 0845 812 3838, socketsandswitches.com Wellington clear glass pendant lights, £180 each, from Fritz Fryer. 01989 567 416, fritzfryer.co.uk Designed in-house, the Fabia 8 light pendant, £594, is part of the New Classics collection at Interiors 1900. 0333 003 3308, interiors1900.com them up and you’ll instantly find the room looks larger. Downlights work well as a subtle way of introducing light into small areas, and will illuminate without creating any interference.


Of course, it’s not all about the light itself; a well-placed lamp, pendant or chandelier will beautifully complement a room, even when it’s not turned on. However, before you decide upon the style of the lights you intend to use, consider the décor and the period of your home. A chandelier may look lovely in a large, high ceilinged house, but if you live in a small country cottage, it will be a bit impractical. Then there are the other considerations; take note of the colours that are already in the room, whether the interiors scheme is warm or cool, which lighting fixtures are already in place and whether they can be improved, the era your property was built in… the list goes on. This list of prerequisites may seem a bit demanding but there is a silver lining, as by the time you re-start your search for lights, you’ll have significantly narrowed down your options. Last of all, don’t forget the switches! It’s easy to overlook this part of your lighting scheme – indeed many light switches are designed with this purpose in mind – but they aren’t necessarily things that need to be hidden away. A well-placed dolly or Bakelite switch can add an touch of authenticity as well as completing the look of the room.

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