A Winning Residence in the Spanish Pyrenees Mixes Modern and Rustic

Doors, Exterior, and Wood The entrance to the house is through an access hall located at the street level. 

The top of the table is the highlight, with half the steel sheet being folded in grooves. Besides serving as a decorative detail, these grooves act as storage slots for books and pens.

A Winning Residence in the Spanish Pyrenees Mixes Modern and Rustic Photo Gallery


Combining Belgian design skills with Indonesian craftsmanship, designer Sep Verboom has created the AYA collection that is not just modern, but sustainable as well. An honest believer of transparent and durable design, Verboom collaborated with Vincent Sheppard to create the rattan furniture, combined with metal and Belgian textiles. The AYA lounge chair is lightweight and airy, with an intricately-woven back. Rattan armrests run around the backrest to the front, connecting to metal legs.

Exterior, Tile Roof Material, Stone Siding Material, and House Building Type The plot slopes downward from street level. 

Saddled up

David Rockwell’s Valet collection is essentially suited to modern living. Each of the 14 pieces in the collection, comprising chairs, tables, shelves and benches, has a streamlined functionality with luxurious embellishments, from leather cords to matte brass hardware.

Living Room, Chair, Concrete Floor, Light Hardwood Floor, Pendant Lighting, and Bench  The roofs of both wings converge at the garden to create a continuous porch around the house. 

The products can be used individually as statement pieces, or grouped together to suit any residential or commercial setting. Designed for everyday living, working and entertaining, the Valet collection is made using full-grain saddle leather, American walnut, black steel and brushed brass.

Outdoor, Back Yard, Grass, and Large Patio, Porch, Deck The architects set the garage and access hall at street level, but embedded the rest of the program 8.5 feet below for better access to the garden.

Dining Room, Table, Pendant Lighting, Bench, Chair, and Light Hardwood Floor The living, dining, and kitchen spaces flow into one another.

Living Room, Standard Layout Fireplace, Light Hardwood Floor, Table Lighting, Chair, Bench, and Sofa The L-shaped house has two perpendicular wings: one that contains the common areas, and another that contains the bedrooms.

Living Room, Light Hardwood Floor, Coffee Tables, Sofa, Pendant Lighting, and Chair Large expanses of glazing visually connect the living room with the garden.



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