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After researching what you want in your bathroom and looking for design inspiration, it is a good idea to sit down and write down your ideal wish list of everything you would like to have in your dream bathroom. By understanding what your dream bathroom would feature, you can make provision to include some of the features that you can’t necessarily afford now, but would like to have, later down the line when you have the money to do so. All the extras that are on your list, but not within your budget, can be listed as future enhancements so that you can complete the project in phases. This will cost a lot less, than if you didn’t factor them in and you would need to overhaul the entire room in order to accommodate them in a year or two.

Work out your budget

One of the main aspects of any bathroom remodel is to carefully work out what your budget is. When you are doing this, bear in mind that most remodels work out at least 15% to 20% over the stipulated budget, largely due to unforeseen things that you will only realise need to be done once you have started the project. Ensure that you don’t leave anything out when you are budgeting – aside from buying all the products, such as sanitaryware, tiles, bathroom accessories, lighting, window treatments and building materials – you also need to factor in all the service-orientated requirements, such as building, tiling, electric and plumbing. If it all seems a little too much to plan for, you can always pay a little more and get a professional in to oversee the project for you – they should be able to quote you for everything and give you a price for the entire job, from conception through to completion.


Simple yet striking, perfect textures and a distinctive style that fluently teams minimalism with neo-classical design, fusing past present and future.

Exploring the hottest bathroom trends…

According to an analysis on international bathroom trends by GruppoBPC, after a major decline due to the worldwide recession over the last few years, as international economies start to slowly recover, so will private spending on home improvements be expected to show considerable growth. The report notes that this growth will be over the next five years, and bathroom renovations are expected to account for a whopping 58% of all remodelling efforts.

This is due to the majority of homeowners rather opting to reinvest and improve their homes, instead of incurring the cost of selling their existing home and buying a new one.

With the insurgance of positivity in the bathroom market, Lisa Millbacher, from Bespoke Bathrooms, shares an overview on the latest and greatest bathroom trends currently hitting the market.

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