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In This Context, We Are A Bit Biased Towards The Minimalistic Style.

An Architecture Or Design Trend You Would Like To End?

Every Trend Has A Shelf Life But Is Also Part Of The Cycle Of Re-Evolution. Time And Again, One Sees How Earlier Styles Are Re-Emerging With Modern Interpretations.

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If You Go Back In Time, Which Of Your Projects Would You Like To Re-Create?

We Wear Too Many Hats As Designers In India. Hence Designs May Get Diluted From The Drawing Board To Execution Due To Various Factors. As Long As The Original Storyboard Does Not Alter More Than 15 Per Cent, The Process Is Acceptable. There Have Been A Few Projects That Failed This Benchmark; Something That We Are More Conscious Of Now As A Practice.

For You, Which Is The Best City In Terms Of Architecture And Why?

We Love Urban Architecture And Intervention In London And Singapore. For More Boutique Homes Like Farmhouses And Bungalows, We Like The Architecture Of Brazil, Mexico And Bali.

Airbnb’S New Dublin Office Observes A Collaborative And Ergonomically-Sound Design Offering Ample Prospects For Productive Engagement

Preceding And These Pages Airbnb’S New Dublin Office Was Originally A Run-Down Space, Refurbished By The Company’S In-House Environments Team In Collaboration With Heneghan Peng Architects. The Office Is Anchored By A Central Staircase That Is Suitable For Individual And Group Work.

Following Pages The Staircase Connects The First Floor To The Ground Floor, Enhancing Visual Connectivity Across Levels. Concepts Like ‘Neighbourhood’, ‘Sense Of Community’, And Most Importantly, ‘Belong Anywhere’ Hold Priority In Airbnb’S Holistic Design Plan. The Company’S Offices Around The Globe Reflect Opportunities For Collaboration And Interaction, But Simultaneously Respect Personal Space.

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