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These Exotic Eye Catchers Will be The Biggest Trend of All This Summer and it’s Easy to Ensure They Survive in Your Garden

These Exotic Eye Catchers Will be The Biggest Trend of All This Summer and it’s Easy to Ensure They Survive in Your Garden Succulent: it’s such a juicy and luscious- sounding word! And it means ‘rich in desirable qualities’, which perfectly sums up this year’s biggest and best garden plant trend! Succulents have already become […]

3 Best Outdoor Design Inspiration

Now We can Live Outdoors as Much as We Want to This garden is now so bright, it’s hard to imagine that it was ever the dark, uninspiring space that Amy and Fraser Claxton were first faced with when they bought their Victorian house in Dulwich, London, back in 2014. “When we first moved in, […]

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Plant Vintage and Craft-Lover Fiona

Plant Vintage and Craft-Lover Fiona Cumberpatch has a Small Town Garden in Lincolnshire That She’s Bringing Back to Life With Easy Projects and Planting ideas On one gloomy afternoon back in November, I spent a few hours putting bulbs in pots and planting them in my small flower border. It was a bit fiddly but […]

Business as Usual in Unusual Times

We chat to Enid Lizamore, Executive Head of Human Resources at Santam, and Women of the Future competition judge, who offers sage advice to our finalists and other entrepreneurs. times. ‘Your resilience is tested in these moments. The sooner you become comfortable with discomfort, the better you can seek out opportunities and adjust your strategies.’ […]


How to Invest in Real Estate: 10 Best Ways to Get Started

Investing in property means being in it for the long haul, as the market operates in distinct cycles. ‘There are periods of steady growth, stagnation and sometimes even crashes,’ says Erwin Rode, MD of Rode & Associates, a company that specialises in property research, economics and valuations. ‘Depending on when you buy, you could benefit […]

Patio Ideas – Patio Gardens – Patio Design Ideas

Sally Worts’ PARTY PATIO brings style and drama to her Yorkshire garden. Fearless, masculine and moody are just some of the descriptions friends, social media followers and even tradespeople have used to describe Sally Worts’ garden. And surveying the interior stylist’s vast veranda overlooking rolling Yorkshire hills, it’s easy to see why. “I’ve always been […]

The Super Cool Easy Backyard Garden Idea

Faking that LIVED IN LOOK Will Fisher and Charlotte Freemantle’s garden looks as if it’s been in place for a hundred years. But they CREATED IT FROM SCRATCH after moving to a London row house. When antiques dealers Will Fisher and Charlotte Freemantle bought their house, the groundfloor kitchen had no access to the backyard […]